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Press Release - DuBlox

DuBlox is a mathematical sensation!

The puzzle of moving your blocks from one place to another without falling off the board gets harder with every level. If you like Tetris, or playing with Rubik's Cubes, this App is for you.

The goal of the game is to move your DuBlox from flat green tiles to flat red tiles. Each level offers new challenges on how to make your DuBlox fit. Use your thumbs to roll your DuBlox along the perfect route to fit perfectly in their new location and not fall off the board.

There are lots of obstacles along your way. Make sure to watch out for glass tiles.. if the DuBlox lays flat on them you will have to start the level over. Also, the board is treacherous. One wrong move, and you'll fall into the abyss below.

You will also have some help getting your Dublox from start to finish. Green Square Buttons and Orange Diamond buttons show up in some levels to create special tiles to assist you in getting the DuBlox to the end of the level. However, there will be mystery happenings along the way. Sometimes Yellow Circle buttons will show up as grab bags. Press them and see what happens.

Good Luck and enjoy the puzzle!

DuBlox Screenshots