Your Personal Dream Journal

Press Release - DreamKeeper

Dreams play an important role in our mental and spiritual lives. Anyone can benefit from the insights which our nightly dreams can offer, and keeping a dream diary allows us to better understand the workings of our own subconscious minds.

Within 10 minutes of waking up, you are likely to forget over 80% of the detail and content from your dream. This is where DreamKeeper comes in! DreamKeeper makes it easy to record, store and manage all of your dreams with our simple yet powerful interface.

DreamKeeper provides both a simple way to record your dreams, and a comprehensive set of functions to enhance, remember and share them!

With the ability to tag people and themes, as well as add other notes to each dream, combined with a comprehensive search facility, DreamKeeper allows you to look for commonalities between your dreams.

Once your dreams are recorded, DreamKeeper provides you with an option to passcode protect your dreams, keeping them away from prying eyes. You can also print and email your dreams, as well as export them as text or PDF to Dropbox.

Finally, you can use DreamKeeper to keep your dreams safe and secure by backing them up to Dropbox.

DreamKeeper is your personal dream journal for iOS, keeping a lifetime of dreams in the palm of your hand.