Doodle Dice

Doodle Dice

A marriage of sidewalk chalk and dice.

Press Release - Doodle Dice

Enjoy three great dice game classics- Farkle, Yahtzee, and Poker Dice- all in a highly colorful sidewalk-chalk art style with 2d dice physics! Dice clack and bounce. Audiences cheer and groan. All three games are extremely addictive and engaging!

While gameplay is smooth and fun, there's a nice balance between the game assisting you and providing too much help. You'll feel like you're actually playing a dice game - not being prompted to select rolls that are better than others.

in all three game variations, you can play against another person (two player), or against one of three computer opponents.

Multiple statistics are included, as well as several game customizations. Find out which computer opponent beats you the most, or how many times you have rolled a yahtzee.

Several customization options are available. You can even pick from dozens of dice!

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