Veterinary telemedicine, free Videocall, the free Vet call, and the social network is exactly why Dogalize needs to be a part of every dog-owners’ daily life

Press Release - Dogalize

Dogalize: the mobile application allowing video-calling veterinarian advices.

No more queues to the vet to wait your turn but a fast video-calling that allows dogs’ owners to obtain specialist advice directly from their smartphone, iOS or Android.

Dogalize wants to establish itself as a tool for a quick and immediate first diagnosis to the health problems of the man's best friend. In effect, the application allows to look the veterinarian in the face and this latter to view the four-paws patient and provide a diagnosis, or recommend a specialist for cases that need it.

The vets are all volunteers providing their expertise to allow those who have little time to get a consultation, avoiding in this way the possibility that symptoms of discomfort of the animal being overlooked and lead to worse consequences.

But there's more: Dogalize is a social network for dog owners. Users can create a profile for themselves and include information about their four-legged friends such as Name, Breed, and Character. The app then allows users to connect with other dog owners and see how they take care of their dogs.

The app has multiple communication features for users to take advantage of. They can create groups, chat with friends, and make voice and video calls. So if you’re out at the park and want your friends to see your dog catch a Frisbee high in the sky, Dogalizelets you do this in real time with video call.

To accomplish this first experiment of veterinary telemedicine is Business Competence, a company characterized by an extremely young team and active in the field of consultancy and the development of technological solutions. With Dogalize, Business Competence approaches a booming industry providing a solution that exceeds the entertainment but provides utility services firstly to the dog even more than for his owners.

With Dogalize, you’ll never have to worry that you’re annoying friends with your posts about your dog. Everyone on the network wants to know how you’re four-legged friend is doing.

• Find friends and see how they take care of their dog
• See kennels registered in our Partner area
• Chat using emoticons and share photos and videos
• Video call friends for free and share experiences with your dog in real time
• Geolocation: Search and geolocalize friends, dog-friendly places with the integrated Google Maps system
• Check In: Share your exact location in your posts
• Voice call or video call available veterinarians