Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Messaging is a burden. Keep it simple with Ding Dong: one button to tell your friends where you are, what you're doing and how you feel.

Press Release - Ding Dong

Friends and family can now stay connected with just one tap. Instead of using a text field or traditional photo sharing mechanisms, Ding Dong uses a simple doorbell-like button that can send different types of information (pictures, locations, emotions) to a person you want to stay in touch with. Ding Dong is entirely private - you can’t follow or be followed; everything happens just between you and your friends and family.

How does it work?
1. Pick one ore more friends
2. Press the button to send a Ding Dong or drag it down to add a photo.
3. Respond by tapping the photo on the map

Try it out and:
• keep in touch with someone far away
• let your friend across town now what your up to
• let someone know you've arrived or that you'll be late
• let a loved one know you're doing fine

Ding Dong addresses a few major trends. Firstly, people are increasingly tired of sharing personal content publicly - Ding Dong provides a fun and magical way to share and stay in touch privately. Secondly, in an increasingly mobile centric world, applications need to provide radically simplified ways of achieving meaningful interactions - Ding Dong introduces the simplest way yet to interact with the people you care about. Thirdly, Ding Dong is set up to be future-proof as it's designed to work also with wearable devices such as smart-watches - so the experience is platform and technology agnostic going forward.

Ding Dong is launching on iOS initially but an Android version is already in beta; also a Pebble watch prototype of the app is expected to be available later.

The company’s beta phase was highly successful. Users in 98 countries sent several hundred thousand Ding Dongs, with an average distance of approximately 1,500 kilometers between people. During the beta phase all Ding Dongs travelled 450,000,000 kilometers - around 3 times the distance to the sun – phew!

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