Voice Broadcasting & Group Calling

Press Release - DialMyCalls

Want to leave a voice message for 25 people at the same time? DialMyCalls lets you send a message to a list of phone numbers in seconds. You can quickly and easily record a message, select the group of numbers to send it to, then pick a time and date for the call to go out. DialMyCalls will instantly call everyone at your seleted time and play your message for them. If the call ends up going to a voicemail, our system will leave the message on their answering machine so they will hear it later.

DialMyCalls is completely free to use. Send one blast quickly and easily out to 25 numbers per week. If you need to call larger groups or make calls more often, simply purchase call credits for only a few cents per call. The DialMyCalls iPhone App also ties in with our DialMyCalls.com website, where you can easily import organize thousands of phone numbers in minutes.

DialMyCalls is used by thousands of organizations around the USA, from little league teams to Fortune 500 companies. Enjoy reaching everyone at once!