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Press Release - Dashes

Did you never receive a bunch of photos shot at your birthday party? Are you still reminding your friends to text you those amazing photos they took of you when you all went out last week? Let Dashes tell the story of your night all in one convenient App! You and anyone who's with you with you can add the photos and videos you're shooting directly to the App simultaneously, and everything will sync together.

Dashes allows your and your friends to collaboratively tell stories by capturing, managing, and selectively sharing photos, videos, text (she said what??) and more. We've seen Dashes for African safaris, adopting a little girl from China, horseback riding competitions, the first day of school, birthday parties, wild nights out, holidays and so much more. Never wait for photos again.

With Dashes, you control your audience, so share with the people who matter, and not the whole world.

How will you be dashing?