Curly Minesweeper

Curly Minesweeper

The cutest Minesweeper game you'll ever play!

Press Release - Curly Minesweeper

Bored of all the bland Minesweeper clones that look like they came from a 90's desktop computer? Try Curly Minesweeper- the cutest and most original minesweeper game in the App Store. With hundreds of levels, four difficulty settings, and unique player assists, Curly Minesweeper will have you glued to your seat. Features include:

-How to Play instructions

-3 unique player assists

-Game Center leader boards

-Game Center achievements

-Unique hand drawn pencil graphic style

-Easy introductory levels for novices

-Extreme levels for experienced players.

Many Minesweeper games leave you guessing randomly where the bombs are hidden. With Curly Minesweeper every level has been tested and has proved to be beatable without having to guess. Curly Minesweeper also has 3 unique assists to help you play:

-Boost - makes the best first move for you. No guessing required from here on.

-Hint - shows where the bombs are for a second. Ideal for when you are stuck.

-Undo - lets you undo your last move if you make a mistake.

Curly Minesweeper Screenshots