Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns: the next-level bubble shooter

Press Release - Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns is an addictive color-matching, marble shooting puzzle game. Shoot realistic marbles to match colors and clear the board. The puzzles start off easy, but the more you play, the more devious they get! Most marble or bubble shooting games are fast-paced arcade games;

Crystal Caverns is different -- you can take as long as you like to finish a puzzle, but you have to choose your shots carefully. The realistic glowing crystal graphics also set the game apart from the competition.

You have 150 different puzzles that will thrill and challenge you. We created each and every puzzle by hand to make sure they are as interesting as possible. We almost couldn't beat some of them, so if you want to finish them all you're in for a real challenge.

If you manage to beat all 150 levels, you can play Random mode, and test your wits against an infinite number of randomly generated levels. Also, Crystal Caverns has an Endless mode for gamers with quick reflexes. Try to stay alive as long as possible as endless layers of crystals descend on you faster and faster.


150 hand-designed puzzles

Three levels of difficulty

Random mode ensures you never run out of games

Endless mode keeps you on the edge of your seat

Tracks your stats

Beautiful glowing marble graphics

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