Conceptis Slitherlink

Conceptis Slitherlink

Loop the Loop on Your iPad and iPhone

Press Release - Conceptis Slitherlink

Enjoy Slitherlink- addictive, loop-forming puzzles invented in Japan. Slitherlink use pure logic and require no math to solve. These fascinating puzzles offer endless fun and intellectual entertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.

Each puzzle consists of a rectangular lattice of dots with some clues in various places. The object is to connect the dots surrounding each clue so that the number of lines equals the value of the clue and the lines around all clues form one continuous loop with no crossings or branches. Empty squares may be surrounded by any number of lines.

The game features 2-finger tapping for quick zoom, an auto complete clues setting, and a link segment highlighting option to help to avoid creating separate loops.


• 90 free Classic Slitherlink puzzle samples

• 30 extra-large puzzles bonus for iPad only

• Multiple difficulty levels from very easy to extremely hard

• Puzzle library continuously updates with new content

• Manually selected, top quality puzzles

• Unique solution for each puzzle

• Hours of intellectual challenge and fun

• Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills


• Concurrently playing and saving multiple puzzles

• Puzzle library sorting options

• Unlimited Undo and Redo

• Auto complete clues

• Highlight link segment

• Quick zoom using 2-finger tap

• Check puzzle

• Track puzzle solving times

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