Simple, private, sharing.

Press Release - Colugo

You go to a party with friends and everyone takes dozens of photos with their phones. The next day you're stuck sending photos to everyone and asking for theirs. Sound familiar? With Colugo, simply create an album for the party and invite your friends. Upload your photos and videos once and everyone will have the complete set of party pics.

Colugo is extremely simple to understand. Make an album, add photos and video, invite a friend. Voila! You and your friend have a private, shared album you can both post to. Even if you've never used a social network or photo-sharing service before, you will be browsing and sharing photos and video in no time!

You want to easily share your photos and video, but you also want to maintain your privacy. Other sharing networks are built around broadcasting to everyone. Colugo is built around staying private. No privacy-shattering "magic" albums or invasive features to be concerned about. Just share with those who you want to see your photos!