Color Cues

Color Cues

How fast does your brain really work?

Press Release - Color Cues

NAVit Entertainment and Pedestrian Crossing Games present Color Cues, an exciting new game that will leave you wanting more ... or not ... you decide.

Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to match as many colors as possible while beating a beastly timer along the way. Get real good at it and you can dominate the world as a master matcher of color!

Following are a few of many exciting features:

● Easy and fun to play ... up and running in minutes ... challenging to master
● A brain stimulator for youngsters and elderly alike
● A fun and imaginative way to stimulate color and shape recognition
● Play for five minutes or hours, whatever works for you
● Game is completely FREE with no additional fees included
● iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible
● Three glorious levels of game play
● Leaderboards and achievements awarded for outstanding performance
● A surprise button shuffle thief that appears in the expert level
● Crystal clear HD graphics with an original retro design look and feel

On behalf of NAVit and Pedestrian Crossing, we invite you to give Color Cues a try.

Onward and upward!