Manage, sync, edit and share your clipboard with CloudClipboard.

Press Release - CloudClipboard

Synchronize all your clipboard items across all your devices wirelessly within seconds! Hold onto and save any type of information, including texts, phone numbers, photos, video, and even web clippings!

An amazing feature of Cloud Clipboard is that when you copy something from any part of your computer or mobile device, it automatically pastes to Cloud Clipboard without you ever having to open the Cloud Clipboard App. This enables you to copy various things in a row from different places and then being able to later paste them all at once- from any device!

Cloud Clipboard's smart preview manager generates colorful previews for all links. In addition to links, store copied web content not as a plain text, but as pieces of the actual website. Web clips include all formatting, all images and do not require any internet connection.

Savor your newfound ease of access to data and never go searching for bits and pieces of information ever again! Also, enjoy the 5mb of free cloud storage included with Cloud Clipboard on all of your devices!

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