Cloud Office

Cloud Office

Your office on the go!

Press Release - Cloud Office

Get ready to have all your office tools right at your fingertips.

Cloud Office contains a full office suite and even a real desktop that you can access from anywhere. You’ll be able to access spreadsheets, texts, presentations and images.

A remote desktop is also provided with a Flash supporting browser, an e-mail client, file and archives manager and PDF viewer.

Cloud Office will transform your iPad into a powerful tool that can be used instead of laptop and even desktop computers for office and communication tasks. You’ll have full functionality and no file format conversion limits. The app also contains an embedded messenger for communication between GOST users for free.

The layout and controls of Cloud Office have been adopted for the iPad screen. You’ll receive at least 25 Gb of disk space, and high speed internet access that’s highly secured, reliable and always reachable.

Your privacy is secure, as the remote server implements 3 level security and authentication protocol to provide more privacy for user data.

Bring your entire office with you wherever you go!

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