Time Tracking Refined

Press Release - Clocked

Clocked is a beautiful time tracker that is simple and satisfying to use. It has just the time tracking features you need and no more: track your time, save your time, export your time.

Built with students and freelance creatives in mind.


•Tap to start, tap to stop. Runs in the background while you work.

•Use the Pomodoro™ Technique? Use our Pomodoro timers to avoid work/study fatigue. Push notifications let you know when to take a short break.

•Add groups to categorize your time

•Using it for a job? By-the-second hourly wage calculation

•Add time entry task and remember what you worked on

•Saved entries are kept for easy review, editing and deletion

•Added groups are kept for easy deletion and export

•Export time entries via email

•Export a specific date range

•App icon badge lets you know when you have a timer running

•Personalize Clocked by choosing your favorite theme


My name is Julian Thayn, a UI/UX designer by trade, I've been designing professionally for 6+ years and in January of last year I took up the task of teaching myself how to program iOS applications (with no programming experience).

A year later and with a few contract apps under my belt I set off on my own and developed Clocked. Clocked was born out of a frustration towards the time tracking programs I've been unhappily using for years while designing. Whether it be desktop, web or mobile they've all been a huge disappointment--cluttered, ugly UI, unintuitive, overcomplicated and with features I didn't need or care about. I set out to make an app that was simple to use, and beautiful to look at. I wanted an app that was flexible to whatever a user was trying to accomplish with their time. An app that had all the features that one would need to get things done efficiently whether it be working, studying, reading or what have you. I believe I accomplished this and am proud to introduce Clocked!

Clocked Screenshots