Money for your shot!

Press Release - Clashot

Do you take photographs with your iPhone? Then start making money for taking pictures!

Clashot is a simple tool for creating and publishing photo reports. In addition, Clashot can be an extra source of income. The App allows you to take pictures and upload them to Once approved by inspectors, your photos become available for sale on the Depositphotos microstock website.

How does it work?

If you notice anything that might be worth the attention of your friends, the mass media or professional photographers, just take several photographs with your iPhone, combine them into a photo report and send it along to with only two clicks.

The best photographs uploaded to Clashot will be selected for sale at (in the Editorial section).

Other users, including popular photographers, will see your photos and you'll see theirs. Log in, share your opinions and keep up-to-date on all the latest news!

The Clashot app gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily withdraw the funds you earn from selling pictures.

Enjoy your photography adventures even more!

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