Cibos: Twitter Meets Sports

Cibos: Twitter Meets Sports

Cibos attaches sports scores directly to tweets in your Twitter timeline. Know the score of the game at the exact moment of the tweet! Available on both iOS and Android!

Press Release - Cibos: Twitter Meets Sports

- Cibos conveniently puts sports scores right in your timeline. 

- Featured on ESPN and SportTechie.

- Cibos will seamlessly search your timeline for sports related tweets, and tag the tweet with a GameStamp that includes the score of the game being discussed. You can then click the GameStamp to follow the play by play live!

- Full scores page with NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL scores right there on your Twitter app. No more leaving Twitter to see the score of a game!

- View our website at for more info

****How it works****

Sign in to your Cibos with your Twitter credentials and you will immediately see your timeline, just like you would with any other Twitter application. Cibos will then search your timeline for Tweets that relate to current sporting events from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Cibos will automatically place a GameStamp under that tweet that shows you the score and how much time is left, if any. Clicking on that game stamp will bring you directly to a game page with live scoring and stats.

Talking about a game that hasn't started yet? We will stamp that too, never leaving you to wonder when a game starts. Clicking on these GameStamps will bring you to our pre-game page, where you will see a preview of the game, including standings and betting lines. 

Use our in-app scores page to view scores across the four leagues, never needing to leave the application to get the scores you want, when you want them. Cibos is now your all inclusive sports and social media app!

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