Most effective way of learning Chinese vocabulary

Press Release - ChinaBubbles

CHINA BUBBLES is focused on one thing: helping you learn Chinese vocabulary as effectively as possible.

The App consists of mini games that are just difficult enough to challenge you without causing frustration. We use our unique adaptive hint system to increase the difficulty in small steps:

The first step is to play anaudio recording of the language, and to show the translation of the word and the character itself. Based on this info you will then perform tasks and actions in the game, for example shooting a bubble with a correct character. After this, we gradually reduce the amount of hints, and after a while you’ll only hear the audio pronunciation of the Chinese character. Since hints have been dropped gradually and the character has been repeated a few times, you’ll suddenly be able to match the audio to the correct character. You’ve learned it!

We’ve worked very hard to get the game play right and statistics of early players show that our approach is working very well. If you don't want to take our word (or statistic) for it why not give it a try- it only takes a couple of minutes!

Supporting features of the app include the ability to play only the characters you have struggled with earlier, or to recap the characters you have already learned. And to increase motivation we have a trophy system and global Hall of Fame, where you can compete against players from all over the world.

CHINA BUBBLES is also available on other platforms, you can play it with virtually any recent phone, laptop or tablet. With help of our CloudSync feature, you can play on multiple devices, and always continue your game where you left off.

Our early feedback is very good. Here’s a few testimonials from our users:

'This is a really cool app. I learn much better in the game format. Also you have the chance to replay the word as much as you want and to study the characters as long as you wish. Very good and interactive app and it's free!'

'Easy learning Chinese vocabulary in few minutes with fun game. Enjoyed it very much.'

'An app that makes learning Hanzi fun!'

'Having purchased quite a few Mandarin Chinese learning games, I know which I like to play and which I don't. I like this one. '