Child's Play

Child's Play

Just simple, colorful games for young children.

Press Release - Child's Play

Child's Play will instantly amuse and divert young children. They will delight in tapping the screen to join in with the simple and colorful games, whether they be popping bubbles, making frogs jump from lily pads, or launching beautiful fireworks above a storybook village at night. Child's Play boasts eye-catching graphics that children will adore.

The app comes with three free games for your child to try:

Fireworks - launch fireworks up into the night sky and watch them explode into a shower of color.

Bubbles - pop shimmering bubbles as they float across the screen.

Frogs - make the frogs jump up to catch the fly buzzing across the top of the screen.

Upgrade to the full version, using an in app purchase, to get access to all these extra games:

Trampolining - make the athlete bounce up and down on the trampoline and perform tricks.

Splat - make splat shapes appear on screen to squelching sound effects, and then watch them drip down the screen.

Sunshine - chase away the rain clouds to reveal the sun and make a beautiful rainbow appear.

Beat blocks - light up your iPhone with shapes, sounds and colors.

Light switch - young children will enjoy turning the different colored light bulbs on and off (and there are some mystery 'odd one out' shapes to look out for too!)

Happy birthday - blow out the candles on the birthday cake and enjoy the celebrations.

Fish - make the fish swim across the beautiful coral reef.

Flower - grow your own colorful flowers against a grassy hillside.

Peekaboo - play peekaboo with the worms as they jump up and down in the farmer's field.

Spaceship - count down from 5 to launch a spaceship and watch it soar across the night sky.

Flipboard - trace your finger across the screen to make colorful shapes and swirls.

Child's Play is currently available on iOS, with an Android version to follow soon.