Cheap Calls by PhonePlus

Cheap Calls by PhonePlus

Long distance for pennies!

Press Release - Cheap Calls by PhonePlus

Sick of paying a ridiculous amount of money for your long distance calls? Use PhonePlus for the cheapest long distance rates ever. Also, your first call is free!

Cheap Calls provides inexpensive calls to more than 200 destinations at a heavily discounted price, including more than 35 destinations for less than $ .03/min.

Stop paying Roaming fees to your carrier and buying prepaid cards. Buy Phoneplus pay as you go Credits via the secured one click iTunes in-app purchase. Unlike VOIP Apps, Phoneplus does not need an Internet connection to talk. There's also no need to switch your SIM card or change your carrier-, you can even use Phoneplus when your operator's plan or contract is over!

Enjoy the lowest phone bills possible. Rates may vary every day, but Phoneplus will ALWAYS display the rates in real time before each call.

User Quotes:

-Maria G : "Since I've discovered Phoneplus, I've been using it to call my friends when I'm out of credit because I'm not charged for incoming calls! It's a huge savings and I can talk for hours!"

-Sean W: "Thanks Phoneplus! I was calling China and India from the UK for a few pennies a minute. I've planned my business trip to Asia on the phone for hours and without wasting my company's cash!"

-Rebecca S: "I always wanted to find an iPhone App to call my family and friends in Lebanon, without needing an internet connection, at the cheapest price possible. Since I found it, Phoneplus is my favorite solution!"

* Nicolas G: "Phoneplus allows me to call my associate in New Zealand for only $1.71 for 8 minutes, it's like 10 times cheaper than any average carrier"

* Zhen W: "It only costs me a few dollars to talk for hours with my family in China. Since I'm studying in France, I use Phoneplus everywhere and every day. Thanks to Phoneplus that works without 3G, I can easily make urgent calls to China, it works every time!"

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