Charmbreak, Share Charms with Friends

Charmbreak, Share Charms with Friends

Create unique charms to share with BFFs and loved ones.

Press Release - Charmbreak, Share Charms with Friends

Charmbreaks are inspired by breakaway pendants used the world over to demonstrate a bond between people that transcends distance. The Charmbreak app lets you create unique charms that can be shared between you and your BFFs, loved ones and family. Use your own photos and customize with different charm shapes, themes and break styles to capture and share special moments. Once you create a charm you like, break it in half and share it with someone you love! Use Charmbreak to commemorate events in your life like birthdays, graduations, first dates or just to show someone you’re thinking about them.

Charmbreak is free and offers hundreds of ways to be unique and creative. Share your Chamrbreaks with the community or keep them private, just between you and your loved one. We’ll be adding new charms, themes and breaks regularly from artists all over the world.

Features include:

• Your history of sent and received Charmbreaks so you can remember all your special moments
• A variety of fun, unique, and stylish charms, themes and break styles that are constantly being updated
• Charmbreak feeds let others share in your wonderful moments and provide inspiration for new Charmbreaks
• Supports English and Spanish with more languages coming soon.

More features coming soon:

+ Multi-language support
+ Professionally designed charm, theme and break packs!
+ New break animations

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