No more business cards!

Press Release - CardDrop

Leave your business cards at home and save some money and trees. Try CardDrop.

Don’t worry about forgetting your business cards anymore! With CardDrop, you’ll have your business card scanned and saved on your mobile device and will be able to ‘drop’ your card to other people without physically bringing it anywhere. Save multiple cards for your multiple careers (everyone’s such a multitasker nowadays!).

You never have to save other people’s business cards again. From the App you can scan, save, and toss your paper card collection. You’ll now have digital copies of all your collected business cards right at your fingertips!

With CardDrop, you can:

  • Scan and transcribe unlimited business cards for free.

  • Create multiple business cards within seconds

  • Drop as public (no need to approve requests) or private

  • Use Smart Contacts, which allow you to search across your CardDrop address book

  • Connect on social channels with one tap