Capri blue island

Capri blue island

Visit bella Capri!

Press Release - Capri blue island

Visit the beautiful Isle of Capri right from your mobile device! Capri Blue island takes you to all the island's sites of unique natural beauty, and features the history, art, architecture and aspects of local life-style that have made Capri one of the most famous islands in the world.

You can access amazing works of art, spectacular photos, authoritative texts, and an original selection of architectural gems. The App reflects the same spirit and charm that have attracted and tied people to Capri throughout the ages. Capri Island includes local heroes of mythology, emperors, monarchs, pirates, writers, poets, painters, and more.

The App has 12 sections:

1. About

2. History

3. Itineraries

4. By the Sea

5. Hotels and Spas

6. Restaurants and Cafes

7. Shops and Nightlife

8. Beach Clubs and Nightlife

9. Archetecture

10. Personalities

11. Art and Iconography

12. Bibliographical References

The Capri Blue Island guide has been produced entirely by experts on the hotspots and history of the island. It's way more than a compilation- it's local knowledge.

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