CandyWorld: Bites HD

CandyWorld: Bites HD

How fast can you gulp down candy?

Press Release - CandyWorld: Bites HD

Welcome to Candyworld, where you can eat up to 50 different varieties of candy using your virtual tongue!

Enter the Candy Shop and buy 14 different virtual tongues to eat candy with! Just slash the candy with your tongue (using your finger) to grab it and gulp it down. The candy will be deliciously appearing onscreen for a limited time, so eat it while you can!

Candyworld Bites is a frantic and exciting arcade game that'll have you scrambling to feed your sweet tooth as fast as you can. Perform incredible combos, collect scrumptious chocolate coins, and feast on the extra special chocolate golden eggs before they disappear.

Enjoy special crazy tongue effects, 3D candy scenes, exciting music tracks and Candy Shop surprises! Your inner child will jump for joy in this sweet and tasty world!

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