Cally - Unit Converter and Calculator

Cally - Unit Converter and Calculator

Converter and Calculator Does it All!

Press Release - Cally - Unit Converter and Calculator

Go to one place for all your calculations and conversions! Cally is a simple yet beautifully intuitive and intelligent unit converter and calculator combined!

Cally stops the pain and annoyance of switching back and forth from one App to another to calculate and convert. A full unit converter and advanced function calculator are seamlessly integrated in such a way that you can swipe your way through Cally intuitively. Extra features are nicely tucked away in the App, while at the same time are just a swipe away. This is the only numbers App you'll need!

Once you use Cally, you'll notice how much thought and effort has been put towards you having a completely seamless experience. Cally is one of the most simple, beautiful, intelligent and complete Apps you'll ever use for numbers.


-Beautiful, intuitive and intelligent interface

-Unit Converter

-Advanced Calculator (No need to switch App for calculations)

-19 Different Categories for conversions

-Currency Conversion ( more then 90 different currencies available)

-Quick Currency Button(for that quick currency conversion)

-Saves the last used category

-Access your previous calculations history with a swipe to left

-Copy conversion data from converter to calculator

-Share your calculations via mail

-Customise the app to start with calculator or converter

-Unit Categories (over 250 different Units supported)




-Currency ( Requires internet connection. Over 90 different currencies)


-Data Size

- Density













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