Calendar Paste

Calendar Paste

Paste your events and save your time!

Press Release - Calendar Paste

Did you ever wonder why Apple's built-in calendar has no copy and paste? Have you been typing in the same events over and over on your calendar- especially when the events occur irregularly? Calendar Paste takes the pain out of typing in irregularly recurring events again and again. Provide all of an event's details just once, and then reuse the template to schedule any upcoming event.

Before Calendar Paste, you had to provide the same title, duration and calendar details for all team meetings, workouts, business lunches, and more. Events that are similar but not on a regular repeating schedule required typing in again and again. Now, instead of going through the tedious process of providing every detail manually, you just press the 'paste' button for whatever appointment you have, and you're all set!

Enjoy all the extra time Calendar Paste will save you in the future!

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