Buddy Safe

Buddy Safe

Know when your date is going to be late.

Press Release - Buddy Safe

Buddy Safe allows you to easily track the progress of your buddy's journey to their selected destination.

Use Buddy Safe to see if your kids are home from school, locate your traveling companions while on vacation, or find friends you're meeting for dinner.

Using Buddy Safe is easy as 1, 2, 3- literally! To use:

1) Add your destination from the map interface or by typing into a textbox.

2) Choose Buddies (one or more) you want to notify about your trip and whereabouts.

3) Select a tentative time that you will leave or reach the destination.

That's it! Just tap on the 'Begin Trip' button to start tracking your progress in terms of location and time. If you don't begin your trip by the time you had chosen, or don't reach your destination by a selected time, the application will send a message to the buddies you selected.

If you see your trip getting delayed or cancelled, you can click 'Pause Trip' or 'Postpone' from the Trip Screen. You can also save and 'favorite' the trips you take most often.

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