Brainsparker – Creativity & Ideas Booster

Brainsparker – Creativity & Ideas Booster

One of the best free creativity apps to tap into your inner genius, boost creative thinking and spark new ideas.

Press Release - Brainsparker – Creativity & Ideas Booster

Brainsparker is an exciting new creativity app designed to tap into your inner genius, spark your imagination, disrupt your thinking and trigger better ideas and solutions.

It’s great to use when you’re facing a challenge, a problem or a dream and feel stuck or need some inspiration. Just pick a brainsparker to kickstart your brain and get your creative juices flowing again.

Brainsparker is stylish, fun to use and free!

*Pick from a collection of 52 random sparks
*Mix words, quotes, images, actions and questions
*Shake to shuffle and tap to pick
*Share with friends and colleagues
*Schedule a daily brainsparker
*Have fun using it by yourself and in groups
*Enjoy the basic version for free (no adverts!)
*Add to your collections via In-App purchases

Brainsparker can be used in so many different ways!

*By anyone who wants fresh ideas for life’s daily challenges
*By writers, designers and artists to boost their creativity
*By coaches, trainers and teachers to spice up their sessions
*By managers and team leaders to brainstorm innovative solutions

So the next time you’re facing a challenge in your life, at work or with a creative project and can’t decide the way forward, don’t panic! Let brainsparker unblock your mind, stir up your imagination and spark loads of great new ideas.


For a more complete creativity workout, add to your brainsparker collections through In-App purchases.

Currently available:
*words pack: 52 more random words
*questions pack: 52 more probing questions

And more collections coming soon!


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