Bouncy Bit

Bouncy Bit

Non-stop, addictive, one-touch gaming at it's purest.

Press Release - Bouncy Bit

Bouncy Bit is free once again! It's non-stop, addictive, one-touch gaming at it's purest!

"Bouncy Bit is effortlessly addictive"

***Think you got what it takes***
Survive as long as you can bouncing the little pixel bit back and forth! Avoid the spikes and don't die! It seems simple enough, but this little bit will quickly find things getting tricky.

***Super Addictive***
If you thought Flappy Bird was addictive then you'll love Bouncy Bit! Don't believe me? Try it! It's free. Once you pick it up you'll have a hard time putting it down.

***Be the Best***
Post your scores to Game Center to show off your survival skills. Let everyone know that you cannot be stopped!

***Universal Gameplay and Retina Graphics***
Enjoy playing on your iPod, iPhone and iPad with this fun and addictive game! Clean, minimal graphics across all platforms.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you like it.

Bouncy Bit Screenshots