Bar-O-Mood PRO

Bar-O-Mood PRO

Track your mood waves and tune into a positive attitude!

Press Release - Bar-O-Mood PRO

How do you feel today? Loud and excited? Sad and thoughtful? Let the world know! Or write it down and keep it to yourself. Bar-O-Mood will help you!

With Bar-O-Mood, you can

• Maintain a diary with descriptions of your mood at a certain date and time.

• Make notes in the diary about the possible reasons for that mood.

• Share your mood via e-mail.

• Share your mood with your friends on Facebook. It will share as a stylish image instead of a long description!

• Save the stylish picture of your mood as a photo and set a stylish background on your iPhone/iPad...or print it out and hang it on the wall!

• Monitor the statistics of your moods.

• Choose between English, Russian, German.

• Turn notifications on and off with one button on the main screen. You can also change the notification settings in the notification center.

Bar-O-Mood will remind you to log your mood every morning and every evening- and if that upsets you, let it know!

Use Bar-O-Mood’s mood barometer to help you understand yourself, and help others understand you as well! Bring your moods to the forefront, see the patterns, and take control of your life!

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