Autograph This

Autograph This

Autographs without pen or paper!

Press Release - Autograph This

If you meet your favorite musician after a concert, you're going to want to get their autograph! If you meet your favorite celebrity on the street, it would be great to talk for awhile...and also get their autograph. However, you don't always walk around with celebrity photos ready to be signed...nor do you always have a pen handy.

Enter "Autograph This," an easy, all-in-one App for capturing personalized autographs on your iPhone. Autograph This lets you take a great photo and add anyone's John Hancock with the touch of a finger.

Just open the app, take a photo (or choose an existing one from your camera roll) and position where on the photo you want that all-important signature. You can zoom in to make the signature fit where you want and you can also as choose from 10 different color "pens.."

Once you've chosen your color and position, anyone can handwrite their name and/or a personal message with their fingertip on the touch screen.

Click save and you've added your autographed photo to your phone in a separate file, keeping the original picture safe and sound in your camera roll.

You can also share your pic on Facebook, Twitter or email to brag to all your friends!

Autograph This is a must have for anyone traveling or attending music, sports or celebrity events. It's a great way to commemorate get-togethers with family and friends, especially for those who may not get to see one another every day. Capture a child's changing signature as they grow. The possibilities are endless!

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