Asteroid War

Asteroid War

Ultimate arcade space war game with superior graphics and sound

Press Release - Asteroid War

Destroy asteroids, avoid black holes and stay alive! Eventually break the high score, or join the high score podium… Don't get fooled if you pass the first levels... the game becomes increasingly more challenging as asteroids become faster and black holes more massive...

Asteroid has come a long way since Atari released the original Asteroids® game in 1979, and this version introduces:

An easy User Interface:
- Tilt the device to rotate and move the ship.
- Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot missiles.
- Use microphone to shoot voice-activated missiles.

Some cool features, including:
- Drag ship anywhere through hyperspace.
- Comprehensive game parametrization.

Realistic space experience:
- Excellent graphics.
- Excellent physics experience with increasing black-hole gravity.