ARTReader - A Treadmill for the Mind, speed reading app makes reading a dynamic experience

Press Release - ARTReader

This app has taken 5 years for me personally to get moving, since junior year in college to now. I wanted to make something that would purely benefit reading online, utilizing the digital screens potential to visually aid the reading experience. I met my co-found while thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. I'm 26, he's retired. We met on the trail in 2012 and after a year began work on this app.

The app has the never before seen ability to control the speed and position of the Meta-Guide (cursor the eye follows) without pausing, adapting to real time user input. This make reading like a video game, where you are controlling the speed depending on the text, and skipping forward and back lines to adjust to your needs and reread sentence; or pause at your exact location.

The system tracks your habits then uses an algorithm to give predictive estimated reading times. It also displays all your WPM averages while reading in the metrics; so if you change the settings you can compare your average WPM rate to find your most optimal reading conditions.

Reading Epubs will show each chapters estimate time, entire websites, even emails and word docs can also be added to playlists. Simply drag and drop the text into the window to see your reading time for long articles you are hesitant to commit to.

We're aiming to produce an iOS connector release in the next month or two. for more info.

ARTReader Screenshots