App To The Map

App To The Map

A simple puzzle game that makes the world almost impossible to get around.

Press Release - App To The Map

A simple puzzle game that makes the world almost impossible to get around. How fast can you solve the puzzles put inside of whimsical world maps?

It’s simple. The world map is jumbled in a mathematically solvable scrambled egg and your game is to fix it. Each level is divided into an even number of quadrilateral pieces. Each piece of the puzzle is called a Tile and there are only two ways to move a Tile. Either drag it along with the Tiles adjacent to it or use the Tile Switch option in the game to swap/replace positions of any two Tiles.

The concept of Tile Switch is simple and sweet! It’s simple because all you have to do is hit the button marked ‘TS’ in the game screen and drag a Tile wherever you want it to be. And it’s sweet because it makes the game a lot easier to recover when you make errors at crucial points. It’s the perfect SOS feature to make this little game lovable to everybody. You can use up to three Tile Switches in each game for Free. Additional Tile Switches are available as In-App Purchases.

There is a restriction on the usage of Tile Switch in order to keep the game challenging for all users. All users can use a maximum of eight Tile Switches per game on any of the levels. Unused Tile Switches that you purchase will always rollover without an expiration date.

There are currently five levels in this game, and all of them are 100% free to play with no restrictions whatsoever. Each advancing level features increased number of Tiles and lesser ways to recognize the correct positions of the Tiles. All five of the levels have spectacular graphics with each level using custom made world maps designed only with the goal of satisfactory game-play.

There are four playing levels. 1) Beginner 2) Easy 3) Medium 4) Difficult. The first level is as easy as pie, but the second level gives you a stifled challenge, and the third level is hard to get around, while the fourth level is almost impossible to solve. All of the different playing levels make this game suited for both children and adults of all ages.

Every game played at every level is clocked separately and logged into your Personal Best page when you play this game. No account creation or sign up of any sort is necessary for this feature to work. Your only competition when you play this game is you. May you play smarter and solve faster at every attempt.

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