Angry Heroes

Angry Heroes

A ridiculously violent MMORPG!

Press Release - Angry Heroes

Welcome to the world of Angry Heroes. Angry Heroes is a ridiculously violent, massively multi-player, online role-playing game. It is a hugely complex MMORPG with multiple worlds and stories. While playing Angry Heroes, you will be able to battle thousands of online players from all over the world!

During the course of the game you will get in a terrific amount of fights, since your angry hero really is fuming mad and will challenge almost anyone who crosses his or her path. However, Angry Heroes is a hysterically funny game full of bizarre and ridiculous creatures, places and objects that will keep you laughing out loud as you fight through the levels.

You play Angry Heroes by first choosing yourself a hero. Your hero could be a human, an elf, or an orc, and could be male or female. You then give your hero an outfit- and your fashion sense here can vary as your choices range from vests to oriental hats to paper bags. From there you can explore the town and get in your very first fight.

Go down roads labeled 'Dangerous Road' and check out the local tavern where you can meet and fight anyone from the Bartender to an Evil Stranger. You have over 300 unique weapons to choose from for your fight- everything from swords to shields- such as the Wollstone Shield of Compromise- to nunchucks to toilet plungers to the 'Crooked Chains of Unexpectedness'. Grab different coats of armor such as armored vests and metal hats, or start a quest to get new weapons.

Meet your match in an enemy known as a 'Trash Golem' or take on dozens of other horrible monsters such as the Ferocious Mole Rat, the Hairy Troll, the Cool Succubus, or the Stupid Barbarian. You must swing, stab and dodge blows or else risk getting critically injured.

One way to defend yourself from angry enemies is to upgrade your evil mansion. Customize your new home with features such as stables, a tower, and new walls. You can also choose your landscape and the roads around you. You can be near anything from a gold mine to a treasury to a village. Each place you live will change your evil inventory of weapons and potions. You can upgrade your abode, but for a cost. If you want to change from a level 1 tower to a level 2 tower, you will have to pay with the coins you've collected. Your new tower will then pay you back by giving you more potions, spells and magical props to add to your inventory.

Enjoy the complex and amazing world of Angry Heroes, and keep on fighting till the end. May the best hero win!