Every Acronym Explained.

Press Release - Acro-Dict

The sheer number of abbreviations around today is enough to confuse the best of us. With more being added every day, it's hard to keep up. Luckily, you don't have to- Acro-Dict does all the hard work by combining every conceivable Acronym, Abbreviation or Code (AAC) into one user friendly app.

The app is ideal for:
* Parents wondering what the abbreviations in their kids' texts mean
* Medical students and doctors
* Businessmen
* IT (computing and networking)
* Geologists and geodesists
* Photographers
* Sportspersons
* Pilots and astronomers
* Mathematicians and chemists
* Anyone who sees an Acronym, Abbreviation, or Code (AAC) and wonders what it stands for

Acro-Dict's developer John Shaw says this about the app: "If there's an AAC out there, we've got it in Acro-Dict and we'll tell you what it is...and don't worry about new AAC coming out. We update the app frequently."

Feature Highlights:
* Offline database (no Internet connection required)
* Regular updates
* 31 categories
* Over 58000 entries (~30% less in free version)
* Additional extended descriptions for some AAC (constantly updated)
* Quick dynamic search of words while you type
* A glossary search engine (fully searchable)
* The ability to bookmark selected AAC for easier reference
* Share the results of a search on Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS
* Search Google and Wikipedia for more definitions of AAC
* Built-in tutorial