Abs Workout

Abs Workout

The best way to train your Abs when you want and how you want!

Press Release - Abs Workout

First, we created the famous "8 Minutes Abs" video on YouTube, which has received over 40,000,000 hits all over the world. And it’s been replicated in over 8 languages!

Then, we launched the "8 Minutes Abs" application... beware of imitations ;-)

Today we’re proud to introduce a new way of training that’s fun and entertaining. "Abs Workout" is the exciting evolution of "8 Minutes Abs"


- A calendar that keeps track of days you train, creating a customized training program for 4 weeks.

- The ability to add notifications that will remind you what day and time your training sessions are.

- A downloadable instruction video for each exercise that you can play anytime-  even without an internet connection!

- Workout page has been redesigned into an interactive workout! Control the volume of both the count repetitions and the music, move from one exercise to another with a simple tap of a button, view the repetitions performed and those still to be done…. and much more ...

PRO VERSION includes

(You can buy the PRO version directly from the basic version with a simple touch)

In the PRO version you will find all the features of the BASIC version plus:

-The ability to customize your workout by changing the number of repetitions for each exercise, the sequence of exercises and the recovery time between them. You can also change the background music that accompanies each exercise. You can choose built in music download new songs directly from our online store (some of them for free).

Our basic application is free because we believe that the best way to impress you is to let you try it!


We do not promise that you'll have a perfect abdomen or perfect buttocks or steel sculpted pectorals after using our app.

No one can vouch for you but yourself, and the fundamentals for success in training are will and perseverance.

Our content brings you professionalism and passion to guide and inform your workouts.

"Your challenge is to seek the best for yourself, our goal is to help you get it!"

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