Ab Motivate PRO+

Ab Motivate PRO+

Motivate Yourself to Lose Those Christmas Pounds!

Press Release - Ab Motivate PRO+

Have you set an exercise goal but are worried you won't work out for more than a month or two? Do you want to lose weight, but end up losing motivation a few weeks down the line? Let your mobile device remind you why you want to get healthier this year!

Ab Motivate Pro+ Workout lets you program your own customizable messages to yourself to be sent to you throughout the year. Remind yourself why you're determined to stay fit and get in shape! Tell yourself you can do it even when the going gets tough. Write your own fitness messages, or choose from our pre-selected ones. Also, tell Ab Motivate Pro+ your target date for hitting your fitness goals, and let it give you daily reminders to keep you keep you on track.

There are 16 workouts included in the App, with 27 unique exercises. Whether you already have a daily routine, or just want to add a few exercises to your regime, this App will help you continue working out until you hit your goals!


- 27 exercises with full instructions

- 16 workouts for all levels of expertise

- Personalized motivational messages

- On-screen ticker to keep you inspired

- Countdown to your target date

- Tailorable workout reminders

- History of workouts

- No more ads

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