3D Urban Golf

3D Urban Golf

It’s Time for Golf to Hit the Streets - Urban Style!

Press Release - 3D Urban Golf

It’s Time to Hit the Streets!

Play urban golf in edgy and unusual locations! From city rooftops to train yards and storm drains, your swing is no longer restricted to the green at country clubs. Go freestyle and hit your ball anywhere you like on 26 extremely unique courses. In each level you will find your final hole in trash cans, doorways, and even shipping containers.

3D Urban Golf is easy to start to play but can get extremely challenging, with a variety obstacles to overcome. High quality 3D graphics and a choice of streetwise characters make a fun filled, original game.

Locations: 26 amazing 3D locations from around the world, full of realistic details! Everywhere from city streets to desert islands, each with their own challenges.

Characters: Swap your argyle sweaters for funky urban style. These punked up characters with attitude don’t obey the law and will swing a club anywhere to get the best shot.

Game play: Putt the ball in the least amount of shots to unlock the next level. Progress through the levels and explore locations to see what you can find.


Play under your own name or play as one of the 2 characters.


Choose from 3 clubs including: Driver, Wedge and Putter. Each have their own distance in order to putt the ball in the hole.

Map: Beacons on both you and the hole shows you how far away from the hole you are.

Tutorial Mode:

To perfect your skills and get you ready to hit the course.

The second best thing to truly playing golf at courses all over the world!


Look us up for more info: website: www.3durbangolf.com

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youtube: www.youtube.com/user/3DUrbanGolf

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